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Welcome to Koons Pool

Rules and Regulations

Koons Memorial Park Swim Club Rules and Regulations

  1. Membership cards must be presented at the office before entering the pool.

  2. Any person without a membership card that wishes to leave the pool with intentions of   returning later in the day must have hand stamped prior to leaving in order to re-enter the pool grounds that day.

  3. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 12 years old.

  4. No person shall engage in indecent or otherwise offensive conduct.  Use of profane or vulgar language is prohibited in the pool area.

  5. No running, pushing, chicken fights, or other forms of horseplay is permitted.

  6. Please keep all bikes on the bike rack and out of the handicapped parking area.

  7. Please do not park in the designated employee parking area.

  8. No unnecessary talking to employees while they are on duty.

  9. Swimming is strictly prohibited when no lifeguard is on duty.

  10. The baby/wading pool will not be under immediate supervision of the lifeguards; therefore, parents are responsible for their children and/or guests.

  11. No children over the age of 5 years old allowed in the baby/wading pool.

  12. Ropes and buoys on the pool are safety devices only; therefore, they should not be touched except in the case of emergency.

  13. No diving anywhere other than the diving well area.

  14. No stunts are permitted from the poolside.  This includes flips and back dives and anything else the staff deems dangerous.

  15. The following are not permitted on the pool property; alcoholic beverages, drugs, glass containers, guns, knives, and other weapons and/or anything else pool staff deems dangerous.

  16. Swimmers with open sores, contagious skin disorders or illness or any possible contagious diseases may be banned from use of the pools and facilities for safety purposes.

  17. All persons are charged with the responsibility of keeping the premises clean.  All refuse must be placed in trash containers provided.  Those not adhering to this code may be asked to leave the pool property.

  18. Any damage to the club property will be charged to the offenders.

  19. The pool staff is not responsible for the loss/damage of personal property.

  20. Accidents must be reported to the staff immediately.  A first aid kit is on the premises and personnel trained in first aid are available.

  21. Smoking or loitering in the locker rooms is prohibited at all times.

  22. Loitering is not permitted at the front desk or concession stand.

  23. No spitting or blowing nose in the pool area.

  24. No food or beverages allowed in the pools or pool desks.  Food and drinks must be consumed in the grassy areas.

  25. Showering before entering the pools is highly encouraged.

  26. All pools will be cleared at the first sign of electrical storm and will remain closed until the weather has stabilized.

  27. The Pool reserves the right to close the pool early in the cases when the weather is cool and no one is in the pool area.  (Please call the pool in advance if you plan to use the pool in cooler weather.)

  28. Private Parties – Pool may close at 6:00 pm to accommodate a private party.  Signs will be posted.

  29. No roller blades, skateboards, scooters, bikes, etc, on the decks.  These must remain outside of the pool-fenced area.

  30. Proper swim attire must be worn at all times while in the pool.  Underwear and street clothes are not allowed.

  31. Rules for the Diving are:
    a. Only one person on the board at one time.

    b. No person may dive until the previous diver has reached the ladder

    c. Divers are to refrain from jumping towards the pool wall

    d. Divers must be capable of reaching the ladder on their own e. swimming ability

    f. No hanging on the board

    g. No trick/stunt dives off of the board (ex:  egg drops, cartwheels, handstands, etc.)

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